I enjoy finding natural abstractions and am inspired to make work which lies between representation and abstraction. I am taking a journey on physical and visual expression through the exploration of elements within painting such as the medium. Consequently, allowing my paintings to engage and communicate with viewers.


I produce work through a personal process which relies on response. Each new chosen medium, form, or mark is in reply to the last. Currently I am making paintings which are semi- figurative and semi-abstract. These originate as quick sketches made of people in public spaces, pencil capturing fleeting moments. I transfer the essence of these studies onto canvas with paint. This determines my choice of tools, techniques and medium. Emulsion and acrylic have a rapid drying time; this enables me to work with speed and energy. I realize my sketches with palette knives and paint brushes, creating a variety of expressive and slightly abstract descriptive marks.


Building relationships is central to my art; with each piece of work as I create it and allowing others to view it, entering into a new relationship.

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